My New Bass Discovery

I’m not one of those people that wants basses just to have them. I have 2 electric basses and that’s good for me.  My Fender Jazz is versatile and fits in just about any music genre, and my Daisy Rock is great for when I have shows that my need a little more volume and bass (It’s completely active, so it’s a little louder than my Fender).  I buy basses when I think I need them…and I have a bass that I need.

When I decide to buy a bass, it’s for the tone.  And I have found a bass with a really nice wompy, funky tone. And that is a Music Man Stingray. I used to think these basses sounded awful, but then I realized it’s just different.  THis bass is made up of an Ash body, birdseye or flamed maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard, an attached neck, and 1 standard Music Man humbucking pickup set near the bridge. There are three knobs on the bass. One volume, a treble cut/boost, and bass cut/boost. All of these things create a truly unique  bass.

If someone ever needed to spice up their bass collection, this would definitely be a contender.  Haven’t heard it? No problemo! Here’s a youtube demo video for you to check out!

2 thoughts on “My New Bass Discovery

  1. StingRays are just a really good bass – Ernie Ball/Music Man make a great product and their customer service is EXCELLENT. I have three StingRays that I use for the majority of my gigs. Last December I was contracted to write/record an original song for a company – I used a StingRay in the studio.

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